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R&B artist, Candice Cooper, is an outstanding, talented singer and songwriter who has been singing and writing songs ever since she was nine years old. She has sung in the choir and has done live performances. Her love of music brings the greatness out into her performances and in her album.

R&B artist, Candice Cooper, was born and raised in Little Rock, AR. She was born on June 10, 1989 to Lynda Cooper and Reginald Cooper. Candice started singing at age four and started writing songs at age nine. When she started singing, she also started taking ATA taekwondo. While training in ATA taekwondo, she accomplished a lot. She became a 3 time World Champion in Forms, Weapons, and Sparring (1998, 2000, & 2001). While maintaining training and school, she was also writing songs. She had a great passion for music. In elementary, she played the Cello. In middle school, she was always on the dance team, learned to play the piano, take voice lessons, and in a dance program. In high school, she was always on the dance team making different dances to different music. In college, she was on the dance team making dances to different music and was president for a year, and also took voice class. She graduated from Little Rock Central High School on June 1, 2007. She went to college at University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff where she took voice lessons.

Candice Cooper was always shy when it comes to singing while growing up. She grew out of it really wanting to pursue a career in singing. So she started doing shows around Little Rock, AR. Candice was recognized by Tate Music Group (TMG), got offered a distribution deal, and signed on her birthday June 10. She finished her first debut album.


In 2015, Candice sung the National Anthem at the Atlanta Wildcats game on ESPN which was televised. Also, she was featured on the BET show called, "The Xperiment." 

In 2016, Candice recorded a song called, "Motivated" in the studio of 7 Time Grammy Nominated Producer Haskel Jackson which lead to her releasing it March 2017.

February 25, 2022 Candice's song "Vamanos" was placed in the Tyler Perry's Netflix movie "A Madea's Homecoming,"

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